North Point Yacht Club History


Founded, September 1952

Selected items from

“The North Point Yacht Club History”

Compiled by Commodore John Bridgeman, April 1978

            The Year 2002 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the North Point Yacht Club.

            The beautiful Yacht Club we enjoy so much today is recorded in the Loyds of America Registered Yachts as The North Point Yacht Club Incorporated. The Club came into being in September of 1952, due to the following events and circumstances.

            A group of men and their families, primarily employees of Bethlehem Steel Company, resided in bungalows, on Haddaway, Beechwood and Forest Roads, located in Sparrows Point, Maryland.  These bungalows were also located near two renowned coves (Haddaway and Penwood Park) that branched from Jones Creek. Jones Creek is located off of Old Road Bay, a tributary of the majestic Chesapeake Bay.

            Most of these men were devoted watermen, fishermen and yachtsmen and they all operated boats of different make and dimension out of these waters. They kept their boats at piers built by some of these watermen, in the coves. Penwood Cove later was called Kees Cove after Samuel P. Kees, who’s boat, the fifty foot “Mary Francis”, was berthed there.

            During this time it became necessary that Bethlehem Steel have access to the coves and the surrounding areas for the expansion of their facilities. Therefore, these watermen were to be displaced. The manager of the Real Estate Department, a Mr. W. W. MacVicar posted notices on every pier informing boat owners of the company’s intention to close the coves. Mr. MacVicar contacted Sam Kees in April of 1951 and instructed him to form a committee of concerned persons to attend a meeting to discuss the possibility of relocating the displaced boats.

            Samuel P. Kees formed a committee consisting of Jon Doebereiner, Ben Thornton, John Webster, Paul Lunger and Rex Brown. At the meeting, Mr. MacVicar informed the committee that in order to be relocated they would have to form a Club with responsible officers in charge. He also noted that it was a possibility that they could be relocated to what was then the Sparrows Point Country Club area, located on Jones Creek, a short distance north of the coves.

            Samuel P. Kees, Harold Johnson, John Doebereiner, Rex Brown and Paul Lunger held a special meeting under the limbs of a large shade tree, at Kees Cove, on the 27th of April 1951 to discuss the matter of forming a club. After a long discussion it was determined that the new club would be named “The North Point Yacht Club”. Sam Kees informed everyone of the fact that this area was known as North Point and that the decision concerning the club name was indeed appropriate.

            The complete story of the forming of North Point Yacht Club can be read in the history compiled by Commodore John Bridgeman, printed in April of 1978 and covering the first twenty six years of the club.